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Stone Mill Farms

Stonemill Farms is a master-planned community being developed by Newland Communities. The development is comprised of 675 acres, which is being developed into 1,200 housing units to be built over nine ...

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Custom Homes - Dockendorf Construction

Dockendorf Construction - Gentry Ave Oakdale

Our team utilizes the professional expertise of Dockendorf Construction when our clients are looking for a custom home built to suit their needs.  Dale Dockendorf has been building custom homes for 20+ years.  His knowledge and abilities to produce a fine quality product at lower costs than the national builders and superior customer service make him our go-to customer builder.  
Our Mission

The Jason Gorman Team's Mission, Vision, Values, Beliefs and Perspectives is the basis of all our decisions and how we present ourselves as a team.

To enrich the lives of those we work with.
Vision:    To positively impact families in the communities we serve and empower our teammates to leave a legacy of abundance and giving.

H - Honesty
I  - Integrity
T - Team Work
G - Gratitude
O - Opportunity
A - Abundance
L - Love
S - Service

God and Family first - then work

To whom much is given, much is required.  Our organization has been blessed with talent and we choose to invest our gifts into creating opportunity through real estate for our clients; touching lives and changing families for generations.